Ethereal Panorama

We move through time and space within the impermanent conditions of life.  

I was sitting on the Shinkansen, the bullet train in Japan, from Takamatsu to Kyoto, and from Kyoto to Tokyo. If I held my iPhone up to the window, and selected the panoramic function, the algorithm would try to capture the speeding imagery, filling the scene through fragmentation and connection. 

The banal, the everyday, the consumer web-based photo product, surprised me by translating this temporal bodily experience  into an image of its own language.

  The photos were mounted on wood, with gold-leafing on the sides to connect the panoramic photos to historical Japanese panoramic golden screen painting that also rendered similar location and events, into a specific compositional language. 

In these moments of riding the train, while attempting to capture impermanent senses into a permanent object, I ask myself, what does it mean to travel through time in space, in the place of my ancestors, where I also am a foreigner?  This contemporary technology offers an answer, showing my hybrid, diasporic condition, through fragmentation and connection of moving through this ancestral land.