Tara Tamaribuchi investigates human life experience in an organic, unfolding art practice.  She enters art-making from a Buddhist and diasporic perspective, with interests in impermanence and connecting the past and present to new futures.  Working across mediums, from spatial installation and public art to painting and social practice, she builds layered structures of visual and material senses from ancestral forms to everyday phenomena.  Her recent projects have delved into impermanence in parenting, connecting Japanese American incarceration experience to incarceration in the US today, memorializing Gen-X rave and club culture, and questioning the norms of colonial collections of material culture. 



Tara Tamaribuchi is an artist based in Seattle, WA.  She began her art career as a painter, but after she began making temporary public art, she shifted her practice to work across mediums. Some of her recent projects include The Camouflage Net Project (shown at the Seattle Center and Northwest African American Museum, Ma (a stage installation in collaboration with choreographer Noelle Chun), and Awakening the Buddha (a teaching artist/museum intervention at the reopening of the Seattle Asian Art Museum).  In 2020, she was a lecturer on Buddhist art practices for the Center for Buddhist Education, and curated a web exhibition, Reimagining the Future Through the Past for the Washington State Arts Commission.  She holds an MFA in Visual Art from Lesley Art+Design, a BFA in Painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a BA in Journalism from George Washington University.