Being born into human life seems practically impossible.  
I see the entirety of my own life as one fleeting moment to another, while there are parts I wish to sit with much longer.
One way I accept this nature of life is through the ruminating process of making objects about what I wish to hold onto.  The time spent considering and memorializing through object-making seems just enough to quell anxieties that something of importance was missed or wasted.

Intertwined in this approach is my identity as an Asian-American artist.  I entered into art through traditional Western academic pedagogy, specifically in painting.  My uncertainty of working within this other culture was resolved when I found a connection to my ancestors through their art history and employing traditional patterns, motifs and composition.

Although much of my work is no longer in painting, while my interest in impermanence lends to a desire for novelty in topics and material, my eye is revels in the geekery of 2D formalism, and this way of seeing is what visually unites my work.